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Political commentary that’s contextual, analytical and free from hysteria is getting harder and harder to find these days in North Carolina. Shrinking liberal newsrooms and polarized political parties are pushing the discourse toward sensationalism and rapid-fire takes.

Half the time, it's impossible to figure out what's actually going on by reading the news or listening to politicians. Our state is worse off for it.

That's where Longleaf Politics comes in. Here, you’ll get a smart, forward-looking take on the news in North Carolina and the city of Charlotte. Each week, Longleaf Politics brings you both big ideas and quick commentary about what’s important in our state.

We don’t apologize for being conservative, because we know conservative values are what’s best for North Carolina and for America. But Longleaf Politics will always be clear about our perspective and honestly represent the other side. We hope people on all sides of the aisle will read and engage.

At a deeper level, Longleaf Politics is a love letter to the state of North Carolina. Politics isn’t just a parlor game. It can be a force for good — bettering culture, society and government. That’s what we strive to do.

About the Author

Longleaf Politics is written by Andrew Dunn, a journalist, carpenter and communications professional in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dunn served as the communication director for Dan Forest in his run for Governor of North Carolina. That came after a decade as a reporter and editor at Charlotte Agenda, The Charlotte Observer and the StarNews in Wilmington. Dunn grew up in Apex and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill.

Dunn is a husband and father of four. He’s active in his church and a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America.